Four Eagles Pottery

Left to right -
Green/blue, Green, Medium Blue

Bottom - White

More photos coming. I also sell Rust and sometimes have Purple in stock.

Egg Poachers clean up quickly and can go in the dishwasher.
​Never leave Egg Poachers or any kind of stoneware dishes sitting in water for long periods of time. 

Crack open 1 egg and put egg in the bottom of the egg cooker - discard shell. 
Do not add water, cooking spray, butter, or anything else. 
​Replace lid. 

How many seconds you cook it in your microwave depends upon how runny you like your egg AND how old or new your microwave is. 
My older microwave takes 38 seconds to get my egg just right. My newer microwave takes only 28 seconds. 

If I want a hard cooked egg to make egg salad, or put on top of a salad, I just cook my egg a little longer. 


These are by far my most popular item. I sell them in a few set colors online, but offer other colors at my art shows. 

Egg Poachers are $18 each. 

Microwave Egg Poachers